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Forklift Attachment Sideshifter
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GC-series Sideshifters

Product categories: Sideshifters
Introduction:Forklift Attachment
HELI Brand Forklift Attachment GC Series Sideshifter

An important component of a product configuration.

Hydraulic system: rod with split, simple structure, easy processing, maintenance; NOK seals used in all products, reliable quality; design throttle piece, adjustable lateral speed.

Structural parts: the use of pressure-type items on the rail, high utilization ratio; lateral device with forging the next link, easy assembly and adjustment, novel structure, reliable quality; tanks and aircraft body connection reliability, transport and assembly will not led to scattered or damaged.

Mechanical properties: the lateral device buffer tank design used in the trip to the ability to automatically lower when the lateral end of the speed, can effectively protect the goods; the same time fixed by lock nut, the performance of safety and reliability. 
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