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HELI launches new heavy-duty electric forklift 1

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Source:LXDClick:Date:2017-08-17 09:46:00
Recently HELI has launched a new heavy-duty electric forklift into the market with a loading capacity of 10 tons. This new battery powered counterbalanced forklift truck ensures that companies with loading needs of up to 10 tons get an eco-friendly and noiseless solution with features that significantly reduce the running costs by improving safety and environmental performance. 

The new 10T electric forklift provides optimal safety, are environmentally friendly, efficient, ergonomically designed and suited for many different lifting applications from general manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, to many more outdoor uses. 

"As HELI, the famous manufacturer of heavy-duty forklift trucks, we have decades-long experiences. The result is that we applied our skills to develop electric trucks with performance matching the current powerful diesel trucks, but much quieter, completely free from emissions and lower vibrations. Like all current HELI trucks, they come with excellent value through safety, productivity and performance" said Zhang Jie, design engineer for HELI electric forklift trucks. 

Key features: 

Modern appearance and excellent vision 
The vehicle adopts a new streamlined design, the appearance becomes smoother and more beautiful, super-low center of gravity offers the driver with an excellent rear vision field.